Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OMG.. I'm just gonna blog this

now we all know the lover is a little diva.

this isnt news.

we were supposed 2 do "couple stuff" ala see a movie, or have dinner.

or something totally unhealthy for my waist line.

but i was running late because i went to see my aunt.

so he called me, and i said oh im coming straight from here

and he says, oh please go home and buy some things for me.

na so nigga start to list, one item, 2nd item, 3rd item.

but the one item that pushed me to tweet how spoilt he was,

was when he said "oh please and toothpaste"

but lets forget that his office is next to tej.

and there are people that sell this stuff around his office.

or that there is a major supermarket down his road.

lets pay no mind to this.

he then further went on to say " oh he wants foreign toothpaste"

and preferably something herbal.

and im like- isnt your mouth nigerian?

so since i am one of those people that travel and over buy shit like toothpaste and sure from super drug and boots and alll that. i just went home to get the "foreign toothpaste"

na so i enter house say make i just sharply visit white house.

na so i open the door.

children of the most high. there was nothing in my bathroom.

like it had been stripped naked.

there were no tiles on the wall. only concrete.

and i was like oooommmmmgheeeeeee. im just gonna blog about this.

so i know i live with my mother, who owns the house, but how would you just strip my bathroom naked.

without notice. what if i came home to nack and we needed to shower?

na under tank get us be that- abi no be so.

i was so mad.

my mum had her bathroom remodeled and she loved it so much she wanted to do mine.

on the condition that we split the cost, and im like - tainz my old one still werks fine.

because i am an alaroro.

so im sure she felt the best way was too to it without my approval.

i am also very burnt because if i protest, she would ask me to take this as incentive to move into my own husbands house.

anyways thats how in my hungry and immensly upset state, i decided to continue the journey to the lovers' to go and do "couples stuff"*

he called me and said i should meet him at 1g4.

and i did.

he said he had a business meeting, only to get here, and i saw a couple of his business partners,

seated, playing fifa 12.

the lover whispered only 2games.

fast forward to 2 hours and one chinese order from marocaine, im still here

watching them play fifa 12.

im not even mad anymore.

im just hungry.

ps- couples stuff is not a reference to cotius.

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