Friday, November 18, 2011

About me

Growing up, I always believed i would not be able to teach.

because logically, i shouldnt be able too.

Im impatient, and intelligent.

two wrong xteristics for teachers to possess.

But yah i volunteered to teach admist my crazy work schedule and catering to the lover and doing yoga and working out at the gym.

Today was my 1st day and i liked it.

But what i saw also broke my heart.

The accounting (book-keeping according to waec)teacher is also, the Geography, Computer and Sports Master.

He seemed so relived when i told him i would be taking accounting.

He also said- We wouldnt be able to teach them according to the scheme of work because time is running out and they have no accounting back ground.

what do you mean by no accounting background i asked.

he said well most of the topics are sSS1 AND SS2 topics and they did not do accounting in SS1 and SS2.

me- so what am i supposed to teach them.

him- We should just focus on past questions that usually come out.

and my heart broke.

I there any future for poor people in NIgeria?

Education wise- because it seems like except you are able to send your child to corona or BIS or somewhere equally expensive, the child is doomed from the onset.

I know in life not all fingers are equal and life is not fair.

BUT this is so unfair. and Sad.

My mother grew up poor( as i always say) and she said she had no choice BUT to pay attention in school because education was her only way out of poverty.

its scary now because im realizing the future of Nigeria is not exactly bright.

and obviously belongs to only those who are lucky their parents are rich enough to send them to good schools.

Its a sad sad sad state.

If you are unemployed, or you have large amounts of free time- I teach at the Maroko high school Osborne road. if you are interested in volunteering please contact @tobystic or @sabirah0 or @iamHRS1 on twitter.

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