Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stereo Hearts.

There is a pain that is caused by a perpetual search for intimacy. Although we are not lonely, we feel alone. When we are not alone and we see a happy couple, we long for what they have but still want to be alone because it’s easier. Even though it’s easier, we are still miserable. It is an interesting cycle. Yes. There are those of us who are happy being single, then there are those of us who are unhappy being single but do not want to be in relationships. - Khaya.

I totally have a crush on him. On twitter off kess, he also didnt go to Uni and is an Ad exec in SA ( think Don draper a la madmen )

I would have put up his blog links, but there is no fun in sharing.

ps im still basking in the post birthday euphoria. to everyone that came AND Oyinkan. Thank you!

#np Stereo Hearts. * Insert the bbm love emoticon here*

pss: for some reason im itching to see the lover tomorrow night, im actually getting excited about it.

Urgh i hate that he excites me. ok a part of me likes it. still Iyama.

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