Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A time to stop

Im gonna stay away from blogging till i can get past these particular feelings.

About a certain situation that really doesnt concern me.

Also intend to steer clear of said party so one day im my lapse of diplomacy i wont be forced to blurt out how stupid the whole setting is.

Ok that aside. i saw this peice while trawling the interwebs as always

i didnt bother with the comments. the post made enough sense.

anyways that being said.

I am in love with my Ipad. i know i know.

i take back all the vile things i said about it before

i intend to go to the gym 3 times a week, its already wednesday and i havent gone. ONCE.

im appalled. this is so unlike me.

anyhoos. cant wait for lunch break so i can go home and crash.

ohhh the TFC topper salad is the way, the truth and the life!

Love eeeeet.

its so yummy esp when paired with mai mai ( thats how steph pronouces moi moi) she is a mini village rat.

im also trying to find a school for my GMat classes.

the one i found today- 129k for the cheapest class.

I swear i dont know how people that have kids to look after do this. its a bit too much.

the salary is too little and the responsibilities are too high.

Im too young to be bitching about salary just yet.

i swear im just gonna have 2 kids and home school them. and own a farm so we can grow our food.

OMG This NOC* keeps speaking to me in yoruba. like cracking jokes and stuff in Yoruba.

fear AND mostly shame wont allow me tell him i dont speak, and i barely understand yoruba.

One time this dude in my office, made a stupid snide remark about my inability to speak yoruba.

He actually said if he was working with me- he would speak only yoruba to me and give me a hard time.

What is most irritating about the whole thing is HE DOESNT FUCKING KNOW ME.

i hate co workers that think its cool to crack stupid jokes about something as trival as speaking yoruba.

But most times, i just tell them i speak Isoko, and they shut up.

but some insist on knowing why i dont speak Yoruba especially since i live in Lagos.

Then i point out that i dont live with my father or any of my yoruba speaking relatives.

and this particular retard actually said" why didnt i say that since, anyways its still not a good enough reason"

then this same retard asked me for my pin and insisted i add him, then went ahead to try to make conversation with me on bbm.

you know how you delete someone mid convo, so as they are chatting with you, the next thing they see is " this person is no longer a contact?"

thats what he got.

stupid retard.

anyways its instances like that, that make me not ever want to have relations with yoruba people. too fucking small minded.

on the other hand, when NOC cracks a joke in yoruba- the need to learn the language is so overwhelming.

i swear im like oil and water on this issue. one day i cant stand it. next day i want it so bad.

anyhoos that aside, how is everyone doing.

Ive been so tired of late. i didnt bother coming to work yesterday.

actually i went to the hospital.

i wont share how disappointed i was by everything there.

i also need to point out that the Nigerian HMO system is a huge scam.

I dont see why we cant just sign for the bill for whatever treatment we receive.

Instead we pay a certain amount every month, AND get to the hospital and they tell you

oh its only when you are sick that the HMO covers you.

so if you arent sick and say maybe you want to do a pap smear, you have to pay for that.



If this does not constitute a failed state.

Then i have no idea what does.

NOC= Nershy's office crush.

anyways i still cant wait for lunch break so i can go home and sleep.

after ive had a topper salad.

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