Thursday, November 10, 2011


and 4 other things.

not having a bathroom sucks.

what sucks even more, is forgetting you dont have one.

and even more than forgetting is the fact you have to wake up extra early since you are sharing.

too annoying.
BUT im thankful there is a roof over my head.

i really should stop complaining about petty things, makes me seem ungrateful.

and i am grateful.

Anyways on my way out, i saw an article that caught my eye on sunday's paper so i grabbed it

and decided i would read it in traffic.

this bit totally defines my stand on it.

"I have no capacity or justification to hate anybody because he is gay or she is lesbian. After all, am I a better human being simply because I’m not gay? Is sexuality the only standard by which men and women shall be judged? If I’m not gay but do not love my neighbour, does that make me a better human being? Is homosexuality the only thing God hates? Does God love lying, deceit, cheating, stealing, backbiting, treachery, pride, etc etc?"- Simon Kolawole.

you can read the whole article here

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