Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sallah and Random things.

I dont know where to start from.

And i dont want to bore you people with insanely long posts.

but yah Eid mubarak. to all my moslem readers.

I finally got around going to visit my Lovers mother, Hadnt seen her since April. gosh.

Anyways we watched xfactor USA and yabbed everybody we felt like yabbing.

and it was good bonding time.

I miss that, before the lover moved out, we used to chill a lot together. :(

psss: the longer i stay looking at these dresses on, the more i rationalize aristo in my head. lol jk. but ASOS delivers to Nigeria now. the devil is a liar. i will remain strong!!!!

I knew him moving was a bad idea.

2nd. Shout out to my friend who finally got what she wanted. I am glad.

3rd. Swift is a shit network.

4. I came home yday night only to find my mother buying lace. thats how i got roped in. and now im buying lace, that im not even wearing. smh

5. My other car came back from the mechanics place today. LAWWWWWDY!
the lover is def in my good books for this.

6. Although he broke my bottle of moscato and im a lirru Mad at him. but still...

7. i recommend the bare foot brand of moscato for my wine drinkers. it has become my new kryptonite along side moi moi.

8. I just spent almost 40 mins downloading this song- hold me MJ , free willy sound track.

9. im itching to go karaoking. even tho i doubt my voice box has recovered from the last attempt we had. it was still fun.

10. the ipad. is probably the shittiest gadget ever. I so totally do not need it. urgh. Android ftw.

but dont take my word on that, im the most technically inept person i know. smh

11. This ghana weaving that was my highest last week. don dey rough. urgh.

12. i ran into someone that grew up in the same estate as i did. i told him i wanted to move back, he thought i was insane. :(

13. My lover is usually a big baby. but when he is sick. nah men, i cant deal, NIgga just becomes a diva. refusing to eat and throwing tantrums and shit. Half the time its amusing. but today, it was irritating. mildly. but still annoying, in that" Does this boy think im his mother typa way"

14. SOOOOOOOO Oc* and i had a mini convo via text today. it was funny cuz my girl said he was attempting to set P, via sallah meat. anyways he offered to bring the meat to work for me on wednesday.

15. FRSC stopped me today to ask for fire extinguisher and C- caution. I swear im going to kill my driver- nigga will be requesting new seat covers and floor mats, meanwhile there is no C-Caution in the car. too annoying. and then FRSC said they would write me a ticket. and im like hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. ticket Kwa? maka gini? mschewww. in my mind obv. i just smiled as asked if they would need to take the car as well.

they sha released me.

16. I miss my baby brother. he is my go to guy for everything electronic mayne.

17. im entering lagos market with Oneki tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

or i would just steal your own. jejely.

ps: oc = office crush of Nershy. who happens to have a mega crush on me. but i try not to fan the flames- although i have her blessings. but he fineeee, like a ticket on the dash.

pss: song im totally feeling MJ's "hold me" free willy sound track.

Im feeling extra vulnerable right now, somebody hold me


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