Saturday, March 2, 2013

Public speaking

I did not really think this was a problem for Nigerians till I started watching keek videos.

Hi everyone, My name is Xyx and this is my first keek.
 I am quite  shy because I really don't know what to say
so err I am Xyx and hi, hello.
Urm okay. This is my first keek. Like this is my first keek.
I am on my way out I have a date. well not a date date.
but you get * video ends*

I get keek is for fun, but can we do a bit better?

I am sure that person recorded 20 videos, i do not want to imagine what the earlier ones seemed like.

I do not know if I am just being a bitch or the actual disconnect in the narration of that girls keek really upset me.

You can not be a degree holder and be unable to make a 30 second video without saying urm. like. you know, you get, and still not make complete sentences that make sense.

How can you be quite shy because you do not know what to say?

I do not know.
But watching that keek video really irked me.

I will be back with a non- rant like post later.

ps: That is the transcript of a real keek video.

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