Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pink paper packages tied up in string!

I did not realize how much joy we Nigerians are derived of by not having a functional postal system.

Yes NIPOST- You suck!

Anyways, since I moved here, I have been shopping online in large amounts and all that and the best part-
getting my stuff in the mail.

The joy of my buzzer waking me from sleep at 10am and hearing the scottish accent of the post man murder my name!

I literally squeal and sometimes squeak throw on whatever I can find and rush out to the front door to get my  package or whatever.

If I happen to be sleeping to deeply, and none of my flat mates are around, I would not know my darling post man came- except I decide to leave my building and spot his call card.

Which I hate because lets face it, Dundee is too cold for unnecessary waka. But I love packages so much I walk all the way (5mins) to the depot and retrieve my gifts!

Amazon, Ebay, Asos, Zara- Major culprits. Only thing I think I love more than receiving packages- Taking pictures in the fitting room of actual shops.

Anyways all that build up is to inform you about the package I received today.

I like Lipsticks- However giving out half of my makeup because I was moving here was such a bad idea really- Hindsight is 20/20. Anyway that's how I went out this morning, on my way back I peeped into my mail box and saw a package with my name on it!

My heart skipped- Should I go all the way to my flat to get my mail box key or slide my hand into the box and wrestle to get it out?

Impatient me won- I wore my gloves and spent some time struggling with the package- eventually it came out.

It was sealed so tight, I had no idea what it was so obviously I shook the box, raised it to my ears you know the drill- still no give away.

The minute I got to my room- I savagely tore it open!
What did I find- Lipsticks!

I had even forgotten I ordered them!

I was sooooooooooo excited!

When did I become this person that lipstick excites?

Exams start next week! Pray for me you guys praaaaayyy!

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