Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Academic writing

As a blogger who has somehow felt the need for punctuation could always be overlooked by a very interesting narration- the end time has come for me.

In the form of academic research writing.

Critical and analytic thinking/ writing

I CAN NOT tell you how many times I have heard that phrase today.

It haunts my very day dreams of bamboozling my lecturers with beautiful narratives of how underdeveloped my poor Nigeria is and how I intend to swoop in and save it.

Unfortunately- That will not fly

Fortunately- I discovered this early enough and enrolled for a free* one on one teaching session with an English professor at Edinburgh University.

At my first class- I realized how I had such a long way to go and finally realized why all those academic online journal articles save the economist were overtly boring to read.

Let us just say- you will experience a change in my writing as I shall be coming here to try my hand on some of the stuff I need to present.

Not for critique purposes, but if anyone has so much time and would love to print out and review or make corrections to one of the writings please be my guest. Just somehow find a way to get back to me (psst Skype?)

I welcome such actions with open arms.

After all, we are but pencil in the hand of the creator.

* I love how I keep finding free stuff to better your self and improve your skill set in my University and since its free the awoof lover in me just could not resist.

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