Saturday, February 16, 2013

What someone really means when they text you

Because meeting people sucks and drains all my energy, this video is amusing.

Honestly we need to be careful what we wish for.

Last night there was a noisy wretched Nigerian party opposite my house just blasting Alingo and the likes away when I tweeted about how much I wanted to call the cops to shut it down

30 Minutes later the cops came to shut it down ( whoever called, thanks for allowing the universe to use you to make me happy)

5 Minutes later after putting up my quickie post- This random " Nigerian" boy in class messages me to tell me he is outside my house

( I swear guys after this incident- I am going OFF  Nigerian guys totally and I would gist you people about this particular one)

Anyway I tell him its past 2am in the morning what are you doing outside my house.

He must have had 2 much to drink because he was chatting some major shit about me being lucky he didn't know my flat or he would have come to disturb me.

At past 2am in the morning.

Yes Dear Universe, I did want a Quickie But from someone else. Urgh

I am taking rust geek's advise and sneaking across the pond- Can't be allowing the devil have access to by thoughts because of random bouts of sexual frustration.  You know?

Anyways I'm unsure about the new layout. But I can not be bothered to deal with it- Hopefully I'll get used to it.

Meanwhileeee "KEEEEEK". I have just one question- " Why does everyone have an accent on keek?"

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Alias said...

Keek is from the devil. That being said give me your login details so i can watch ay's keeks.


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