Saturday, February 23, 2013

Better person

This year, I decided to be a better person.

What do you mean by better person?

I mean- The old me wasn't bad by any standard or anything but I definitely wanted to be nicer
Not like I wasn't nice or anything.

Actually I was not a nice person. and I could not be bothered about being a nice person until I moved here.

You see- I already had my own little circle of friends/ people so I never had to ever really go out of my way to be nice to or like people.

Until I moved here and realised that to meet people- You have to be nice.

You see life really IS all about perceptions. especially IF you do not know who you are anyways people would tell you this is who you are- and you'd believe it.

Only because you do not know sha. If you did, and the people around you did you'd know there is no need to worry yourself about the perceptions because they KNOW YOU!

But you move across the world and it is a totally different ball game.

Usually I'd resort to manipulation to meet these people and make them like me- Because more often than not, they would not like me- Then they eventually see how nice a person I am. and Like me.

But only if they stick around- While this method is tried and tested- I have to large a course load to concern myself with game of throne - like manipulations.

So I am just going to be nice.


And because I have become nice, I feel like I have become a much better person.

Than I used to be.

I have no idea, how or why? but either my mind is playing tricks on me but I am feeling much better.

Who could have thought smiling at random people when your eyes meet, could bring you so much * insert betterment feeling here*?

Well who ever did, didnt tell me.

I mean I am still WIP But I love it.

Lent is progressing fine guys- Thank you soooo much for asking- I find myself stuffing my face all night and plauged with indisgestion the next morning.

OOOOHHHHH I was going to tell you guys about my night out yesterday- But I do not know how i ended up talking about niceness.


Who ever finds a way to paint his/her nails without painting her flesh needs to teach me. sometimes-  I get it right. some other times, Its almost as if i set out to paint my whole finger- flesh and nail.

Beauty IS pain. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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