Wednesday, February 13, 2013


For God has not given you the spirit of fear, But of power, love and a sound mind

When you have fears- you are irrational- you are paralyzed.

You would not think straight. You are distracted worried about the wrong things, invariably giving off negative vibes to the universe and attracting that very thing which you fear.

Now this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how to react to this.

When something you fear finally happens to you- Losing a loved one, failing at school, not winning the lottery ( I do not know people have different fears)

The first thing you realize is the world doesn't stop turning. No, It keeps going on and on and on. So while you are sitting in a corner the best bits of your life are going past.

The second and probably most profound is that you are quite equipped to deal with the scenario. Somehow, Somewhere you find reserves of strength to pull you through this horrible event- be it in friends, activites or even personal well of strength

And this leads me to the third, while we love to wear our scars from these events- we find that, They weren't really that big a deal. At this point, you can laugh, not the alcohol induced laughter that we find ourselves accustomed to BUT laughter " wey dey start from bottom belle" and then you know you are fine.

You being to acknowledge that you will always be fine, because if this did not kill you- It finds a way to make you stronger.

And if you are like me- You learn to laugh in the face of fear because- It has done its worst and its worst did nothing to you.
 You are still here, standing and fine.  

And you choose courage, not because fear is an  unattractive choice , but because it did you no favors the last time you sucumbbed to it. So you chose courage because it is a easier choice,
 You had no choice and you were courageous, now you do have a choice it is an easier one to make because somehow courage is becoming a more comfortable cloak to done than fear.

And slowly, since habits are formed repeatedly from actions and choices you find yourself courageous.

And eager to take on the world like I have.

Happy Valentines day. :)

Love. Flowers and no lunch dates ( Because it is lent)

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