Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today, I did something that I would never ever have done in Nigeria.

My teacher lecturer was explaining how to prepare a cashflow and the whole class was struggling and not getting it.

So one Ghanaian boy just put up his hand and said " I do not understand"

So I put up my hand and said " Could I explain it to him, because I kind of understand, why he does not understand"

Everyone was like *pause* *insert nervous laughter*

And the lecturer said " It is nice to know I have an assistant here so I can relax while she carries on"

Perhaps my scarf was on too tight because the sarcasm in his voice was excessive but I persisted

I said " But can I?"

And I killed the explanation. Totally. When I was done- the class clapped.

I was trying hard not to cheese.

But all those weekends spent at Maryland doing ICAN lessons were not in vain.

I just felt like- This was what those classes were about?

  You know?  Not passing the exam, but 4 years later coming to do your masters AND explaining the simplest form of cashflows to Ghanaians.

And when the class was done clapping- the lecturer said " I hope you do not think I would explaining things in as much detail going forward" pointedly staring at me.

I was still cheesing then Mo said " Hollywood, you do know he has a crush on you right?"

I am so excited about this course. I am really excited when I am the best at what I put my hands at, even though I love numbers and they are my bitch.

I honestly should not be this excited because if I could not explain that- My degree should be seized.

Doesn't take away from the excitement sha.

I am aware that what I did- is severe Oversabi but I just could not help myself.

I might have to put a lid on my ITK behavior.

How was your day guys? Make any life changing moves today?

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