Thursday, February 7, 2013

White Men

Ps : I am a Nigerian woman so when I say white men, I do not want you to imagine me as a woman of the night/ runs girl seeking better market.

Now that we have cleared this up.

When Black women say- they would rather date white men, I think OMG how can you say that, they are one kind jare.- Because all my white clients are one kind.

Anyways I have 2 more friends to add to the 3 I already have( I'm not trying to amass or anything)- But these two are white men.


( I imagine mercy Johnson saying that- if you have seen the movie, you will get my point.)

So anyways these are my class boyfriends- You know basically your male friends in class. like office boyfriend, camp boyfriend etc etc.

Boyfriend A= Mo. Boyfriend B= Q.

Mo, lebanese has amazing hair and is nice.
Q, American is almost bald and is oh so sarcastic its amusing.

Enough about them- Let me tell you about today. Since the class I had today we were supposed to form a group ( another group work- urgh) I mentally prepared myself for the trips that Q might use me to catch when I asked him later on.

So I got to class and asked Mo. Conversation went something like this

Me: Hey, Do you guys have a group for this class.
Mo: Hollywood what do you mean you do not have a group, What group were you talking about yesterday.
Me: Err Energy economics- duh
Mo: OMG.
Me: Dont tell me you have a group already, oya how many are you?
Mo: 5
Me: You cant be five, you have to be 4.
Mo: I am so sorry I thought you already had a group. I thought you formed one without me and Q, so I told him yesterday and we formed one.
Me: You told Q I already had a group and you guys didnt ask me you just went and formed one?
This is why you will always be second to Q.
Mo: The more I speak to you, the less I like you.
Me: Q, so Mo tells you I have a group and you run off and form your own?
Q: You do not have a group???

Me: YOU GUYS!!!!!! What is all this assumption about? Infact you know what- I am going to find my group.

Mo & Q: Dont worry, we'll sort you out.
Mo: The lecturer has a little crush on you, maybe you can ask him if we can be six.

Me: Really Mo, really.
Mo: I see him making eyes at you and talking to you in class and asking your opinion.
Q: Its enough Mo, we get it. Besides, Hollywood is a rockstar, she probably doesn't need a group.

During the class turns out we can have ONLY 4 people in our group. which means they have to
a) lose one person from thier group
b) Lose two people and add me
c) Just get new groups.

I mean because it is just group work, there is pretty much no need to lose this much sleep over it. So I tell them, guys, its cool, I would ask the exotic looking guy which really nice hair over there.
Q: Over where
Me: No, not the one in red pants- the fancy looking one
Q: Rezzo, thats better, you can ask him, But you do not commit to any group or anything without talking to me first.
Me: Yes daddy
Q: I think my temperature just went up.
Mo: You guys have this thing going on, and I Like it. Because you see, I like weddings.
Q: I'm serious, do not do anything without talking to me.
Me: Okay guys I'd love to stay and chat
Q & Mo: But you have to go to the gym.

I swear I feel like i have known them forever, we have the most amusing conversations- but Today's own just mentally crossed them over from class mates to friends/ class boyfriends.

Honestly I have my Nigerian male friends I have such conversations with and its nice and all that ( hey Ani)
But not every Nigerian female has platonic male friends, so I kind of get where the women are coming from when they meet these oyibo ( non creepy ones) who are easy to relate with and would rather date them than Nigerian men, who lose sleep/ cheat on you because you did not serve them food.

I wanted to add something else BUT I have to race to the gym AND I am tired of typing. :)

Video post maybe?


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