Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the last few weeks, I have suffered insomnia. Unable to sleep for no just cause.

In the last few weeks I have gone back and forth about an issue in my head.

I'd hate to think the over thinking and the insomnia are related.

But irrespective of what I'd like to think- they most probably are.

Today saw me with equal parts restlesness and equal part tiredness.

I was suffering another bout of insomnia AGAIN tonight- after having a particularly laborious conversation which was supposed to give me closure- But just ended up helping me make up my mind.

A bit faster than I intended.- But that did not take away the insomnia.

at 12:25 I decided to do a bit of running to clear my head.

45 minutes later, Legs aching and new found knowledge of the streets around my house

Still no sleep.

So I decided to make a call.

Recipient did not pick up.

So here I am. 1am  and I still can not sleep.

I wonder if they would sell my codeine without a prescription?

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