Underneath your clothes.

Every girlfriend Every heartbreak Every one night stand. Led me to you. Drove me to you. I was made to love you. Hand to touch you Lips to kiss you Eyes to see you Arms to hold you My time to spend with you. Excerpt from Gerard's leverts' I was made to love you. The same way I'm obsessed with heart break songs, it is with a matching fervor that I love love songs. I'm not so depressed any more. I miss my Lover. He can be a sugar sometimes. *hugs self* Shakira's underneath your clothes is such a tune. I can not wait for karaoke on Friday! It's my home girls birthday soon. Remember how I needed a break from home? God answers prayers. The client is lodging the team from Wednesday till next rotting deadline. I'm actually quite glad. Work keeps me sane. I don't think I like it, but it just gets me through the motions. Something is off with me, and I can't place my finger on it. I'm open to suggestions on what it might be to shake this off. Sorry if you thought the post would be 50 shades-esque. I admit that title is a tad misleading.


Alias said…
BLEH!! and i had alread jizzed my pants reading the title -_-

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