Having said that, O.B.O is a satisfactory album from a 19 year old boy who succumbs to the thinking of most teenagers - money can solve anything.
Rating- 3.5/5.

That is the review that someone from the net website gave to Davido's new album.
While the Lover was so generous as to gift me with it, I doubt, I will have time to listen.

God answers prayers. I eventually caved into malaria and took a day of or maybe two days off work.

I do not know if I am a bad person- My friend said said she does not want to be friends with me anymore.

I stunned because- I have no idea why she is so upset. Like I can't understand it.

But I guess we make choices and we live with them. One less friend.

There  are no permanent enemies, there are no permanent friends.


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