If Wishes were horses

I'm quitting my job.
I know how odd it sounds, I have had a love hate relationship with this job for a while now.
Although more Love than hate.
Why am I quitting? I am tired of working weekends. Infact, I am sick and tired of working ridiculous hours.
Sickening I tell you.

People ask me- What are you going to do when you quit?

Me: Sit and mope.

I want to write. and get paid for it.

I want to sleep and get paid for it.
I want to wear wedding gowns and have my picture taken.

I want to just stop and smell the flowers.

I just feel like my mother worked so hard hence I shouldn't have to work this hard. Crazy eh?

I need to apply for my schools. I need to start taking my Gmat classes.


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