Monday, February 6, 2017

Magnet Thatcher

While we drove back to the saloon- I really since he was in the passenger seat,
He offered commentary about Lagos driving,
It is like madness, he complained.
"Meh" I replied, while squeezing yet again into another impossible slot.
He shook his head
I shrugged " What? every driver is mad in Lagos during rush hour"

We eventually got back to the saloon, and the parking attendant indicated to an empty slot.

"You can not possibly fit in there" he said incredulously
I laughed. I live in Lagos, off course I could fit in.
Instead of arguing.
I parked seamlessly in the empty slot.

I put the gear on park and turned to look at him, gloating.

"I like you" he blurted out.

 "because I parked in the space?"

" I'm serious I like you."

" Okay, lets go and sort out our nails"

My friend said I am a damn magnet when it comes to men and christened me "Magnet Thatcher".

With the way 2017 is going, I hate that I might have to agree with him.

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