Sunday, February 5, 2017

list 5: list what you would like your life to look like 10 years from now

1- I will not work on Wednesdays. This  translates to a 4 day work week.
2- On Wednesday's I  wake up at 5 am and meditate for 30 minutes
3- And swim 10 laps in my pool.
4- I  continue to travel to 3 new countries every year.
5- I dance salsa twice a week
6- I will have reprinted my book twice and eventually do a special 10th year anniversary edition
7- I will put up an art exhibition of all the photos I took in the last 5 years of things I find fascinating.
8- I would have had two children, and my husband will always do school runs
9- Once a week will be date night with my husband and it would always be a laugh fest
10- Sex 4 times a week (because why not?)
11- My nail polish line would be doing amazing numbers.
12- The church I attend will let me teach Sunday school class.
13- Sunday afternoons will entail huge family brunches ( my friends and thier families) that last till 5pm and my cook will complain every week but secretly love it.
14- I will look back at being 28 and laugh at how all the problems I thought I had were real problems
15- I will emit happiness from every pore of my skin.

Ps: every week I'm putting up a list
I have no idea how long I will keep at it, but I plan to put up a list for the next 52 weeks.
You guys 2017 is truly my year.
I feel like God called me to the corner and gave me expo before I entered the year.
See blessings on every side.
I'm in awe and I'm equal parts just amazed at how much God loves me.
I promise I will go into details.

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