Sunday, February 26, 2017

List 8: Your favorite Quote

I have a few that may include bible passages but my current favorites now:

Because people think the world ends, but if you fall in, you sprout wings and fly- I swear

Self explanatory

New lesson. I'm taking down walls. 

This quote is very personal for me, and it really made me believe that God is constantly speaking to us, but we may not be listening.
A week into the new year, just after I came across the bible verse thread that is my pinned tweet
I saw this.
And somehow, it gave me peace.

This, I have always believed in. I know that when I start taking steps towards a goal, everything falls into place for me. 
I am highly favored by God and Man but the universe works overtime for me.
I hope I thank it sufficiently.

Obligatory SATC (Sex and the city) quote.
I remember in 2014, my friend T moved to London for 6 months and I went to help him settle into his apartment but turned out it was Feb 15 so I made dinner, bought a bottle of moscato
and I watched SATC while prancing around in his apartment breaking into shoes he brought me without the boxes from DSW.
This episode was on, and we were both so blown away when we heard the quote.
Ps: T I miss you. come home already. Ah!
I Love SATC. 
And I have also given up on having only 4 close friends that like each other enough to brunch often.

This is the bible passage I spoke about earlier.
As I said God is constantly speaking- we need to start listening.
Well I need to.
I do not think I need to go into how I stumbled upon this bible passage but I assure you all that 2017 is the year of new things.

Non Photo Quotes:

" And if she follow me go na enjoyment go kill am" - Runtown

If you call me, invite me anywhere, ask me to pop in to an event, I will ask you 
" is enjoyment sure to kill me?"

If you stammer, I'm not showing up. 
Life is too short for half assed waka that can not guarantee enjoyment killing me if I participate.

And in the usual manner of these things, the Universe is working over time to ensure that enjoyment is an advanced warfare weapon. Trying and somehow failing everytime.

One time I was having a conversation about how I could never get tired of being waited on, my friend D, said to me 
" Your case is special, you are like the last child from a long line of last children, patented pampering"

And that cracked me up because I really like to enjoy myself.

Keeping in theme of enjoyment, my uncle keeps telling us
 " E better make belle burst than for food to waste"

He says this a lot, and because of his background I can see why it makes so much sense for him.
Even though I do not really always agree with it, I have always liked it
It gives me an escape when I'm being greedy.

Another Quote I swear by, which I have been coming across more and more and is the  only way to get financially free quickly " Spend less than you earn, increase the gap and invest the gap"

Everything else is a spin off, the foundation remains the same.
And as an enjoyment ministress you know how hard I need to work. But I'm getting there,onward and upwards really!

And finally- Efe from BBN has put this in my mouth 


As you all know I love pidgin english and Efe and Ese gladdened my heart.

Anyway these are a few of my favorite quotes, for now

Not list related but real life update:

 I got the best deal on a kamokini swim suit.

I have wanted one for ages, so imagine my excitement when I scored the sweet deal.

Plus it flattered flatters my body so much.

So pleased.
And I swear I morphed into a Swan- based on logistics.

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