Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I miss  having a bath tub.

When I moved out of my mother's house, she somehow decided that a bath tub won't be relevant in the guest room and changed it to a standing shower.

I moved back home and I miss my bathtub so so so much.

Like urgh.

I miss just lying there and reading and drinking moscato.

Speaking of moscato- I have a bottle of my new favorite that I can no longer afford because the price has doubled and I could barely afford it before anyways.

If anyone feels like sending me a crate- Please click contact me and send me a message.

I'm looking for a way to remind myself consistently that God will go above and beyond and break protocol for me because it's something that ALWAYS. always always happens when I ask him for something.

He somehow finds a way to make sure I have what I need.

So why am I so worried this time?

Case in point: My Ticket for my next holiday- sorted at half the price; I can not actually believe it till now.

My  dupe fragrance I stumbled upon without stress.

I had an issue with remuneration at my new place, ANDDD it got sorted. a lot easier than I anticipated. and I say this as a lot easier because I had spoken to staff at they were like ah, management can take time for things like this ehn. Like 5 months.

LOL In 5 days It got sorted.

All of this in February so why am I stressed about this small issue?

Because I'm crazy obviously.

Going back to read my thread of good things on Twitter to remind myself. :)

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