Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I'm envious of you

And I'm sure your friends are jealous of you.

Me: Huh?

There is nothing to envy here, I say and laugh and mean every single word of it.

You are always travelling and you seem to always have your life in order.

I would normally Bullshit and bloody fool everyone and say something like- Yeah some of us have it all ( and I'm sure to some extent we do, BUT)- My life is in order for the most part because I'm a self pronounced penny pincher.

My sister says I do not like spending money, I told her I like spending money as long as it is in my budget.

If you want to be a baller like the way people think I am- MAKE  A BUDGET AND STICK TO IT.

And I'm talking about the small things as well. if you withdraw N2k, you must be able to account for how your 2k was spent.

I know plenty work, BUT when you know how your money is going- you know how to manage it better.

Your nails are always done your hair is always looking put together- I want to become a babe.

Spend sunday nights picking out your outfits for the week. If you are not sure how it looks, do consultations via whatsapp/facetime with trusted girlfriends.

Pick out a day to sort out your nails or hair. wear hairnet to sleep. Do your nails using gel and go once in 4 weeks.

I need more clothes- No you need only staples, if anything you need less clothes.

well I know I do- so why am I still buying clothes? (buying is a weakness)- quick shout out to my Asos delivery that came on vals day!

Two new work dresses that make me look like I'm married to money.

I think there is a lot of work put it to get myself into a position that looks like life is dandy and flawless.

And I think the time has come to put aside- It is the grace of God, and start talking about the physical acts I take + the grace of God to get to the point where anyone in their right minds start to think that I have a life that is worthy of their envy.

side bar: My new employers are about to find out my spirit name is wahala and my confrontational skills are really really really magic.

I Lowkey love it.

Have I discussed travel plans on the blog this year?

Quick run down:

 March: Jos
April:  Calabar
May/June: Miami and *Guess what other two countries I'm going to?*

I'm let to conclude what my plans are for the later period of the year, but I know that Kajuru has to click this year and maybe Yankari and definately Zanzibar for my birthday this year.

My love for love waxes more and more each day and attempts to peak on valentines day, but keeps growing, I love it.

I have a thread of all the good things that have happened to me between yesterday & today. I won two give aways related to valentines day.

One for a friend and the other one for me and myself and my future dynasty.

After work today I popped into the Nike art gallery in Lagos.

I am in awe of how much work Mama Nike put into the place.

I would be going back to buy work of some artists from there. When I was done speaking to her and looking around we sat and had tea and I was like wow.

I can not wait till I find what I am so passionate about.

Also came home to a box of strawberries.

I KNOW. I'm thankful for people in my life who have these hands and show these workings.

Googling strawberry recipes non stop but for now a smoothie will do.

Also as a post script: I am delightfully happy.

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Ibidapo Sobo said...

I was hoping to see a kajuru Trip by now, but then again, it's just August and I'm interested.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,