Monday, February 20, 2017

7: List all the people who brighten your day

Considering the weekend I just had.

My family brightens my day
Sister & Brother ( drive me crazy but brighten it none theless)

My mum - She makes my nights so brights, she is practically my day!


 My new coworkers who sit opposite me

My new employer who pays me on time

My new printer who has not stressed me since we joined forces

My Nail guy ( but he has moved to a store in lekki now, I just tire)

Ese on Big Brother Naija

Tboss on Big Brother Naija

Aunty Joy and her babies- I love them so much.

-This is not a person but - Asos deliveries!!!!

My friends including but not limited to ... Actually not listing names, if you brighten my day you already know yourself.

I hosted my usual Valentines dinner thing and I am so filled with joy at how much excitement these things hold for me.

Even though I had little sleep- It was perfect still.

In the usual way of the Universe coming through for me- I got a bottle of my favorite moscato.

Color me pleased.

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