Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spenders anonymous

Please can someone smack my card out of my hand the next time I turn it around to get my CCV number?

Can I just stop buying please?

Because I do not have a clothing allowance for February today is 9/2/2017 and I have exceeded my monthly fuel budget shopping.

Between Asos *hangs head in shame* and my newest guilty pleasure Msbeefab I am going out of commission.

For real, plus she is uber affordable.

I am always crying because Alaroro BUT you guys- she is fair.

And you know how lagos designers walk around with Pistols like armed robbers.

Ps: I was not shopping like this o.

Next thing, something I was saving for fell thorough, and two other things came up.

So now I get to do a lot more Nigeria travel.

Am I pleased - Yes
Will I stop buying clothes?

A girl can only dream.

Ps: I think I am beginning to understand my body.

I had candy 3 days straight ( like 5 milkcose, 4 baba blue etc daily) like that for 3 days.- In my defence, I am in training.

And I'm finding that IT stuff is really just urgh.

Anyway I have 3 pimples now. I haven't had 3 pimples at the same time since maybe October last year.

Okay body none of that sugar.

I hear you.

Valentines day is comingggggg!

Slight trepidation along with minor excitement mixed with the certainty of being a roasto, defines exactly how I feel about valentines.

what I am undecided about if I should host a valentines day dinner / brunch/ hang out I always always  always host irrespective of where I am?

Meh- Time will tell.

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