Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catching Fish

My friend L, is from Uganda, and I find that whenever my other Nigerian friends and I are gisting, She has to stop us occasionally to explain terms that we do not know the meaning of- such as - Abi, Shebi, Sha- etc.

So today we were talking about toasters.

And she asked- what does toasting mean? And I'm like talking too? wooing? courting?

Toasting is toasting because a nigga is trying to get to you- Its the period before you say yes abi?

Anyways then the term catching fish came up.

In Queen's college- Which was an all girls school, two occasions were important to Us. or Me.

At 13/14/15 any opportunity to catch fish was welcome.

The opportunities came only when boys were allowed into school. - Inter house sport AND  Rotary whatever.( I cant remember what the meetings were called)

The rotary thing was pretty exclusive, And Because I was MC of every Rotary occasion- I saw the boys alright.

But what I could never understand was how at that age, we did nothing explicity got boys to advance and talk to us and some how credited ourselves.

We refered to boys coming to talk to us as catching Fish.

Catching Fish. We wore those hideous uniforms, Hideous- But somehow got boys to talk to us AND gave ourselves props for it.

I think there was something we were taught in QC- which I can not explain or put into words that has to do with attracting men.

My Friend L- Does not know how we " Nigerian girls do it"

I think Nigerian girls have found the balance in being toasted.
You are able to front- But at the same time give off enough for said toaster to continue toasting you while not coming off as easy.

And I did try to explain this to L- who the Nigerian men here are in awe off. But can not understand how someone can be so " without guile".

L has all her cards on the table.

And that is not working for her.
Sooooo do Nigerian Men revel in chasing women who make them jump hoops?


Four Other things.

1- Best Man movie 2 is coming out soon. I have a crush on Taye Diggs. Who I am sure smells delicious.
I feel really blessed to be in a generation fortunate enough to be gifted not one but two best man movies.

2- How impressionable are you by tv? I remember watching boomerang with eddie murphy- and KNOWING that the minute I could get my nails done- I would ALWAYS have my nails looking on point
( In the movie, he left a woman because her toe nails were shit).
And offcourse the Domitila movie which I already spoke about. Before somewhere on the blog.

3- I do not know if I should indulge in Mr A. Mr A is everything that could go wrong. Bottled up. BUT he smells so damn good.- We will see sha.

4- Did I tell you how the few friends I made here are the most amazing. And I do not say this because of my extra thoughtful birthday presents. OR because they are always good to my terrible ass. But because I like to applaud myself on my excellent choice of people.

BUT I need to credit God for bringing all these people into my life. There is absolutely no way- I worked this one out on my own.

I know I said four but last thing.
I baked my birthday cake, myself, from scratch.

You guys need to know that
1- if my CEO/ Partner life doesn't work out
2- And I do not become a super model.
3 I could always become a baker.

Everyone said the cake was amazing. So I am guessing it was.

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