Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Behavior.

For my Super twenty Fifth birthday- I wanted to go all out!

Give them Vegas with some friends! Or better still go somewhere overtly romantic with the lover.

Due to lack of planning and general logistics. I did neither.

I had a party at home.

And it was amazing.

I had 10 people over. cooked a three course meal for them. baked the  most delicious cake ever.

Had too many cocktails.

Received the best presents. It was a super birthday. To say the least.

It was a general reminder that- Whatever will happen, will happen.

Its what I learnt this year- Let the chips fall where they may- what wants to happen will happen and everything will be all right.

I had an amazing year. And an even better end to the year.

Also can I tell you people how amazing my friends here in Dundee are?

I got the best birthday presents in the world.

I have never been happier on a birthday.

I think. I am not sure- and I am a pretty happy person.

Also I think I need to say a huge thank you. A lot of people called me, looked for me, texted me.
Instagrammed me well wishes- WHICH  I am proud to say I returned all greetings with thanks and stuff. I am really proud of myself I never reply to those things!

So much love! Everyday should be my birthday guys!

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