Monday, November 4, 2013

No-buy-Vember and Neck kisses.

I have decided to buy nothing this month.

No clothes.
No shoes
No bags
No Make up.

No Nothing.

This is the No buy Vember month. Is this a struggle?

Yes. Asos just sent me a 60% off link.

There is this boy- There is always some boy- who has this massive crush on my body.

I say this because- I treaty him very badly- This is not something I am proud off by the way- it is just what it is.

It just happens- I really am a nice person.

So Mr A has a crush on me and knows where I live.

Because the town is really small and someone thought it would be a funny joke to tell A where I lived.

- Sidebar when I was homeless, Mr A was an option as a house mate- But we had to share bathrooms- and I am a bit anal about those things.

Long story short.

Mr A is creepy. Really Pervy.

But smells so fucking good.

I know this because I hugged him when I walked him to the door at the library today.( longer story)

And he attempted to kiss my neck- But got my scarf.

1 comment:

theOOhj said...

*ahem* Mr A....

No buy vember seems like a great idea.. Now if it lasted for an entire year, that owuld be some real dangerous living..


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