Monday, November 11, 2013

Cooking, Beating and Red Benz'es.

Sooo today the Niyola video for toh bad came out.

And as usual, got the good folk at twitter including myself flustered.

The video- depicts reality for a lot of people, and  thus- got the whole marriage discussion up and running as usual.
Nigerian twitter is obessed with Marriage- lets blame bella Naija.

Anyway- all the discussion reminded me of a couple I know.

The husbands family did not want him to marry her, because she couldn't cook.
He married her, and they are happily married now 19 years abi 20 years.

Well mostly happy. Bar that one time he beat her, and she called her father- who is now late, but was a general in the Nigerian Army. And he ended up in prison for a HOT minute*
Until his sister came to bail him out.

Buuttttt they are still happily married and stuff.

So in the spirit of Marriages being in the air- I swear EVERYbody is getting married.

In December, I have 5 weddings in Lagos.

That is 5 different dresses. Plus at least 2 bridal showers.
Lagos is so expensive in December.

But I am soo home sick. :(

Anyways so for all my friends- getting married, especially you Nneka- I know you dont read this blog, But if you ever come across it, you should totally read this,

and work so hard, so your marriage never ever ever ends.

How not to screw up your marriage.

And Know that I am rooting for you. That even know we are not as close as we were in QC- EVERYBODY is sending the best wishes your way. I pray you slay this marriage.

In a totally good way.

And about the red benz.

here is the Video that sparked all the talk. watch out for the controversial Red benz

for some reason, I can not upload it.

Ps: I made puff puff today.

The first batch- burnt.
The second batch- flat like pancakes.

The third batch came out perfect- except by then I was already sick and tired of licking the batter I couldnt eat it.

Said puff puff currently resides on my kitchen counter in all of its glorious golden brown splendor.

*- hot minute= a long ass time.
Even if you are not getting married- Kindly read the post.
Its gold.

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