Sunday, November 17, 2013


Sometimes, you learn that you must be kindest to the people who love you and have shown you support through your darkest times.

This year- I went through one of my darkest lowest bouts- and I was shocked.

All the people that I kind of expected to be there for me. Left me.


This year- I had a lot of strained relationships. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

But then again- So few people were good to me.
So good to me. If I was objective then, I would have smiled at the whole scenario.

But I am now.
And you know what- I have so few smiles in me- they belong to those that wiped my tears and placed those smiles on my face and inside me. ( ps this is not even remotely sexual)

Soooooooooooooo If you are wondering if, our relationship has become strained.

You know it has.

And this is a PSA- Stop trying to mend bridges.

I burnt them all.

I love you- But I can do without you in my life- I am sure you understand that.

In other love news

My friend L put me on this beautiful John legend song- But then all his songs are always so beautiful.

So while we were listening to it.

F says: You know John Legend is gay right?
L: Aww, why do they say that?
F: Urm because he sleeps with men. Duh!

Here is the video.

LOVE IT!!!!!!

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