Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broken promises and Old money nail poilshes.

Is polishes a correct word?

Anyway. So I went shopping.

Which was strange because I did not plan to go shopping.

Granted I had been doing a lot of shopping all month- for my sister, for my aunt, for my friend.

Always shopping and since Christmas is already here, I decided to do a bit of present shopping- And I am done now by the way.

Anyways soooooooo,

I went to the shops, got carried away and went shopping.

I really was not going to buy anything except this blouse and sweater then I saw it.

A little history on it- YOU know those items that you just have to own?
Over summer my friend gave me a bottle of sally Hansen mudslide.
now I know there has been an influx of newer brands in the market- awon china glaze and co.

But let me tell you, sally Hansen is the oldest money of nail polish. When I was like 10 or 12 and looking at fashion magazines- the sally Hansen pages were usually the best campaign in the magazines. so beautiful.

Anyways so my other friend- Asake, saw it liked it, took it.... I finally got around collecting it back.

Then I went to visit my cousin in festac two days before  came back.

Said cousin- saw it liked it, promised, in vain if I might add, not to finish it- I don't know.

All I do know is that I came back to Dundee- without my mudslide.

So randomly I walked into boots- And what do I see- My mudslide at £6.99

I am in awe, I had no idea, nail polish was that expensive full price.

So I am deliberating on whether or not to buy this nail polish.

When November comes around- and its No Buy Vember.


Anywayssss- I ran into a pack of four Sally Hansen nail polishes at £7.99.

Do the math. The offer was too good to be true- PLUS, It had my darling Mudslide in the pack. With this super delicious shade of Red.

God works in Mysterious ways.

So good( and bad) people, that is how my No buy Vember campaign took a hit.

Next day I decided to stop over at the ebay and bid of this delicious dress when- I lost the bid.

And I realized that was the Almighty making sure I got back on course for the remaining  7 Days of November.

So- As the bible says, we are hard pressed on every side but not crushed... struck down but not destroyed.

Here is to finishing November without buying anything.

Meanwhile- I noticed that- I spent A LOT of money doing nothing this month, Not shopping but indulging in my excesses- Such as baking and other stuff.

Just goes to show that money will still be spent anyways. LOL

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Ori O said...

Awww am the friend who introduced you to the world of Sally Hansen 'Mudslide' the nail polish which keeps giving lol


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