Wednesday, November 13, 2013

All legs

I am all legs- Literally and figuratively.

I am a little over 6 feet tall with the shortest torso ever.

And before you ask- NO I did not play any sport like - basket ball.

And regretfully no- I am not a super model.

I have a day job, which requires I wear day clothes.

Which for some reason do not exist in tall.

Asides the struggle to find jeans/ trousers which are not automatically ankle grazers.

I personally struggle with maxi dress.

I LOVE maxi dresses.

I feel like the right maxi dress can do for a woman what the fairy God mother did for cinderella- or was it the shoes? I cant remember- But you get the drift.

As with everything we love in fashion- I can never ever ever seem to find a decent length maxi dress.

It breaks my heart to little pieces.

Like I want to- I really really really want to wear a sexy flimsy maxi dress and let mt sexy underwear mistakenly show through it but fashion houses deny me this simple pleasure.

I usually just sew the long maxi dresses I want- But for once it would be ace not to deal with any wretched tailor. To just walk into a shop and buy a maxi dress that is long enough.

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