Friday, June 28, 2013


I am going home.

For the longest time I wanted to 1. Go home
2. Get an oil and gas job
3. Not write a dissertation.

How is it that ALL these 3 birds got killed with one stone?

Finally I can tell you guys what I have been dying to share.

At least one of the things- I am going home to do an internship in an oil and gas company AND I write a 10,000 word report.



Just got it approved narrowly. I am so excited.

I am going home FOR the whole summer.

Like you guys I am going home for the summer legit.

Mixed feelings for various reasons. But the mainest- Is that I am going to be with my Mummy!

:) :) And just be in Lagos.

I appreciate the hustle of Lagos. The over priced lunch dates. The late hours at work. the traffic. the stage plays. the nights out. the multiple entrepreneurs.

Just being at home. makes me so at peace. LOL.

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