Sunday, June 23, 2013

For M. who struggles with vulnerability.

So one of the distractions I contend with while I study is fiction reading.

I can read for AFRICA!

Anyways so last night I was reading this book and I came across this paragraph.

“When the music faded, we shared a gaze. She looked as delicate as a snowflake, and just as unique. In her eyes were friendship, and a twinkle of seriousness that made me shiver. Whenever her eyes met mine, it felt like all of her attitude, all that crap that a woman picks up from struggling in a man’s world, all of that dissipated. She became vulnerable. Her femininity shined through. She stared at me with the soft eyes of a gentlewoman. Soft, trusting, and longing. And that eye-to-eye makes me weak for her, softens me up, takes away the edge, and makes me feel like a man. Allows me to feel the way a man is supposed to feel”

Sweetie. It is okay to let your guard down. Trust me- I know what I am doing and saying- ala sledge hammer style.

Love you lots!


I underlined for emphasis.

Ps: book is titled " Milk in my coffee by Eric jerome dickey. If anyone wants to read it- Hola.

Pss: Do you guys think I might get into trouble for sharing e-books? I'm asking for my political career down the line.

Psss: I am serious about the above question.

Pssss: M. Do. Not. Turn. Into. A. Bad. Girl. ( repeat twice)

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