Friday, June 21, 2013

Flying colors

I really really really want to finish my degree with a distinction.

And I know I can do it. Really I have no doubt in my mind that I am intelligent enough.

I just need to allow myself to stop being distracted by 1. the internet. 2. other random things that do not aid/ develop my aim.

To be honest- coming here I wanted to do EVERYTHING!

And believe me- I have tried to.

And I have done most. But now I'm wondering is it really helping my main aim.


Honestly I was born for that. When I am on the pole I am at peace- But I am also not studyinggg.

LOL- so It is kinda a catch 22. happiness over a result my mother can brag about?

All of this is spurred by my result- Remember the exam that slapped me so hard- my Finance Exam?

It was the only paper in which I got an A. the other two papers- I got B's.

When my course work came out in one of them- I saw a C- I almost fainted.

well not really- I was pissed off because I swear I owned that shit- although I did not ask for help/seek as much help as I should have( because I hate disturbing people) I could swear I would have done better than that.

Luckily for me. - Class participation came out and over all I got a B.

To graduate with a 1st class you need a minimum of B's and need to get A's in at least half of your courses.

So out of the 8 courses Im taking. I now have 1A and 1B.

You guys need to pray for me.

Okay heavy stuff aside. From now I would need to include Martha Stewart in my initials.

Last night was my friend's ( and I use that word extra loosely here) boyfriend's birthday.

I met them both a week ago at some other surprise birthday party. And they were dressed alike. well not alike but closely themed. And I'm like cuteeeee.

( he also said I reminded him of his ex girlfriend- which I was like *yawn*)

Anways fastforward to yesterday since I decided to take it upon myself and invite some of my friends( plus 3). I decided to bake a cake.

And 3 people is a lot of people so I decided to go all out with the cake.

how all out? well red-chocolate  and vanilla with cream cheese in the middle and as icing with bits of white chocolate and spicy cinnamon. Then a red velvet cake for my friend D( she is actually my friend) because she was jealous I was baking for someone I had only seen once.

I swear when it comes to cooking- I literally just wing it. eye ball the amount and then mix viciously pop it in the oven and pray to jehova it turns out alright.

All the time. I tell you I'm blessed because I am yet to be disgraced.

Anyways so I arrive at the party with my plus 3 guests and cake in tow. and guess what?

Home girl didnt buy her boo a cake- turns out she couldn't find in dundee and was super excited.

Next thing Mr boyfriend is like- Oh you baked me a cake from scratch I like you. * side eye*

and on and on the subtle coming on of Mr boyfriend to me.

I was creeped out. My God, half way through the party. Home girl was like- " Ore, My boyfriend needs to fuck you to get it out of his system"

And Im like- HUH?????

Anyways Long and short- everyone said OMG your cake is amazing. Derin grumbled because it was better than the little red velvet one I made her( sorry baby)

And I think I am really really really going to add baker to my cv. after I succeed in making like an apple pie or something.

MEANWHILE- I swear guys I really am bursting by the seams to share what has been going on with me.

But the first person I told ( V my flat mate) was like " YOU keep surprising me, who are you? I can not believe it, If someone told me you did that, I'd tell them to stop defaming you.. etc etc etc" generally expressing pleasant shock at it.

So Because I love and value my " Blogfam" I honestly honestly honestly do not know IF I should tell you guys.

I mean I feel like you guys already see me as a particular person. I'd hate to change your views about me.

But believe me- I am dying to tell you. Maybe next week? Or in two weeks time.

Mean while guess who has started sight reading her music sheets?????

I feel like an over achiever!

I have this fantasy where I go out to eat with my friends and there is a piano and I just sit down and start belting out tune after tune after tune. and then the manager offers me a weekly arrangement and etc etc etc.

I mean I Love the surprise on my tutors face when I get ut right the first time around.

And I got stern warnings from him with LOTS of home work to practise over the summer.

Even though I have to cut my nails to get my chord progression right- I swear I love playing the piano too.

Okay Enough sharing from me today.

You guys need to remember to pray. Always! I swear Tell God whatever it is you want to do. He is into the little details! :) Believe me. I keep seeing this first hand- everytime I go- SHOPPING!

Like I saw torera ( who writes this delicious love blog here) Its about other things too but I love her take on love, and how she works through it. Anyways, I saw her on instagram with a tshirt with kanye on it.

And I wanted it- off course it was sold out EVERYWHERE!

So today while roaming the high street I walk into HnM. Offcourse I see some BIG ones- but I mean biggie isnt kanye right? right.

So I totally walk around finally find a decent neck cuff to wear with my oleku's and what not and then I'm leaving and BOOM what do I see- A KANYE VEST. IN MY SIZE. ON SALE. THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE SHOP. IN WHITE.

off course since I was on a budget I dropped all the other shit I wanted to buy and snapped up the vest( after trying it on obv- nothing worse than dashed hopes at home. in store is better)

paid and walked out. With Kanye in my bag.

As I said God cares about me. and you too- let him in. :)

ps: I did not proof read so all typo's are mine. :)

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