Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seeking the face of God

I admit. I am super lucky.

I am that one person who everything seems to work out for right on time.

For instance- I booked a ticket to london for the 28th of march before I even knew what my time table looked like. and my last exam was on that day and I was able to shift my flight and stuff.

Or like today. when I as looking for a travelling bag and I saw this delicious bag in Oasis. - sidebar I never go to oasis, its waaay to expensive and the clothes are a bit too prim and proper for me-

anyways so I was just passing through and I saw this bag. and it was discounted by over 50%.

Offcourse I bought it. even better- I got a free chocolate with my purchase.

God looks out for me. And not because I am a better person than everyone else but because he is an amazing God.

I mean everything seems to have worked out perfectly for me here. I found a cheap ticket to london stress free.

I am able to help the people around me without strain.

I am finally understanding what it is to walk with God. When you seek the face of God- everything works out for your own good.

When something happens to me-I am not flustered again. I just say God yeah over to you and I move onto the next one abeg. NO TIME for worry lines.

My point is this. Seek the face of God constantly. I mean no one gets its perfect but with God you get full marks for trying. Trust me - I know this.

My life is evidence.

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