Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sooooo what is going on with you?

That question is so loaded- I always say nothing.

because I do not know who I can trust with my business in thier mouth.

Obviously I am struggling with trust issues- with females and its so odd because you'd think that people talking about me wont concern me too much.

Now I really do not care- I'd rather just not give you my business myself. Its no hard feelings till I sort out who I can trust- EVERYBODY gets to know what is going on with me from here- AKA NOTHING!

Lol. Meanwhile at this amazing house party on friday my friend said she can see the influence of my pole dancing classes in my life. I was putting it down and looking like a bag of money.

-Thats what "they" told me sha.

You know the down side to suffering from lack of trust- Dying to share but having no one to share with.

And no- I'm not sharing on the blog either.

In other more interesting news- It's my mother's birthday!

Another year and no grand kids but I think she is coming around accepting flowers and spa certificates in the place of grand kids.


Obviously not accepting but more tolerating.

I Love my mother and I wish her the absolute best this year. She has been so amazing to me this year and even better she supported all my choices I made. I do not think I can thank her enough for her support.

But Mummy do not worry grand kids are in the works for you*. I love you so so so much, you probably love me more ( as it should be) but I love you alot. Have an amazing day at all your meetings!


*: No this does not mean I'm with child. or maybe it does. whatever.

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