Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dental Woes

A month ago I discovered my teeth were a lot more sensitive than they usually were.

So I went to a quack dentist. Who attempted an S and P with the ultrasonic machine. Turns out the girl who was supposed to carry out the job was not a dentist. But someone who he had trained.

Nigeria we hail thee.

After getting my cool cash back.

I called my friend at LUTH for a referral.

She recommended one in park view.

So I called them, and it turns to consult cost 10grand

And the S and P cost another 17grand.

Needless to say- I found myself at LUTH.

So I came here registered and dealt with all the red tape.

Luckily for me I ran into my friend who took my case note to a consultant and he saw me.

Took me about 2 hrs to see him. I kuku didn't mind. I don't even want to think about if I had no one to help me jump the queue.

Fastforward to time for the procedure.

The students that were on duty, the consultant didn't like them.

So my friend went to get another student to do it for me.

Luckily for me she found one.

And I needed to pay for the tools I need.

The hospital didn't take cards.

The struggle to find a working ATM begun.

Eventually I found one after walking for ages.

Came back. Paid for my kit. And sat down.

But the dental sit was a bit too low.

Can we move this up a bit? I innocently asked the dentist.

Oh the chair is electric there is no light. We re just going to have to manage.

I didn't mind managing.

Afterall. It was way cheaper than 27grand.

Two minutes later the dentist excuses herself and she returns with a torch light.

Incase you were wondering like I was.

The torch light was for me to hold while the dentist cleaned my teeth.

Yes. I held. Hand held the torch for my teeth to be cleaned.

Anyway, we got past that and one of my remaining fillings had started chipping. ( Which explains the undue sensitivity I had been experiencing)

So I had to have an Xray done.

I came here to the Xray place- but there was no light. So I left and said I'd come back during the week.

So today is tuesday. I left my office, got here and only entered the parking lot( which costs 200N) after I confirmed from my dentist that there was light.

So I literally run to the Xray room. And I greet the nurses there and say I want to take an Xray.

They look at me like I have interrupted their very important discussion and said, the current is not high enough to work the machine.

When will the current be back? I asked hopefully that there was a time table for these things.

We can't say. Just go outside and wait. If it comes up, I will call you.

20minutes later after waiting.

PHCN takes light.

So here I am. Irritated. Teeth sensitive as fuck in a stuffy waiting room at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. A Federal Institution.

And there is no light.


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