1. I clap for my self literally when I prepare an AFS and the account balances at 1st attempt.

2. I do a litttle dance when my cash flow is perfect at 1st attempt.

3. I do not quite like preparing AFS's anymore.

4. I lowkey wish Nigeria let biafra go.

5. I think dating ( the getting to know someone phase) is so hard and awkward. If I ever get into the market, I would create a checklist, and put it up here with an apply within if you meet 80% of the requirements. No jokes.

6. I still want there to be a Biafra republic.

7. I want to go into the government. My mother thinks its suicide for my career. Plus I am really aggressive, government is for slow thinkers.- she says.

9. This year has been an amazing year for me. A bit too amazing

10. I'm quite content with my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm on auto pilot

11. I have started relating with God again. I love it.

I will be back with a real post of what I have been up to.


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