Monday, November 26, 2012

Employment, Envy and Cyber Monday

I always say unplanned Waka is always ace.

My home girl Nemsky gaggles came to visit me with Ogo my other home girl.

While Ogo left Inem stayed and I had a couple of other guests over.

fast forward to 10pm, I convinced her to stay, we played WHOT in which I trashed the shit out of her.

-sidebar: I am the undisputed Queen of WHOT.

So I also convinced her to join me and attend this church I wanted to check out the 2nd time.

I am still unconvinced about whether I want to leave my own church & join another one.

Inem is sold sha- she loves it.

on the ride back home, Inem and I sang lots of christain songs and we agreed ministration via songs are always ace.

We got home, she taught me how to use photoshop, pic stitch, etc etc and I convinced her to see the stage play.

she claimed she was going to use her last cash to see it. We Loved it!

- side bar: I am an acclaimed clapper at the cinema.

I am that horrible person who keeps giving commentary and silly side comments  during the movie.

In my defence, the comments are funny.

Anyway what I love about stage plays, audience interaction.

And no one really knows who said what.

So seeing with with Inem and Tola was perfect. They are not as afflicted as  I am, but they it is always nice.

I also saw a LOT of people there. I saw Sabirah and the partner. Yilu and Dami. and loads and loads and loads of people who I had no idea were into arts.

It was a good afternoon.

Afterwhich we went to ocean's basket and we sat there and had lunch and basic girl stuff.

We spoke about sex-

Side bar- Sex has been featuring rather frequently in most conversations I find myself having.
you know, with boys girls etc. I am thankful for the awareness and the risks etc etc that I learn during these conversations.

and some other mundane things.

I am thankful for female friends, who are a breathe of fresh air.

I am also on the prowl for clearer skin and hence I am jumping on the clinique wagon.

they have a 123 step thingy. Usually because I have overtly sensitive and easily irritable and severely acne prone skin, I am skeptical about change of soap/ change of cream/ change of beauty products.

But I spoke to my aunt who lives in londres and said she has been using it for 20 years.

I do knew few people who have been married for 20 years sef. so when she told me that I decided to you know- order a bulk from the overseas.

I miss my sister. I am envious of how her life is panning put- I am happy for her, but low, high key envious.

I want to be in America too and go shopping.

Speaking of America - Today is cyber monday. I mean if you are too tired from all the black friday shopping- use your hands and internet and go shopping online!

America comes up the easiest way to drain you.

Anyway this has only strengthened my resolve to not shop this month.

New birthday present.

Again- Another bottle of Chanel Perfume.

The universe hears me sometimes!

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