Thursday, November 22, 2012

One, but not the same

The problem with women, is that they listen to other women about what men want- Womilee

Profound, although men have been known to tell lies- or just not know what they want.

My friend Aisha called me a ratchet because I took out my ghana braids for Tola's birthday on friday.

She said - its not even your birthday and you want to do hair.

I think I have shut down work for the year.

I had a dream that two different people gave me N500,000 for getting inducted.


Wanna claim the dream die.

I'm currently trying to take one week off, or maybe 8 days. I am dying to go to dubai!

I really really really really want to go. I have saved the money- Although when I was saving it, I had no idea that is what I was saving it for- LOL

But I am dyinggggg to go.

Now to find who will go with me- the problem with planning it never just ever works out. you know.

and I'd hate to go alone.

or maybe not.

I am rambling.

Am I the only one who doesn't wash her hair so her nail polish doesnt chip?

I mean I will wash plates, wash underwear the now was hair again.

I might as well not even bother doing the nails.

but they are so gorge tho!

Its Date night tonight with Mr Lover! I am excited! well I am always excited.

It is food and my favorite boy after all no?

My friend Omobola oni private jet is arounddd! * squeal* I will def be skipping work tomorrow to hang with her. OR we might just go to lekki and use the nail thingys. for the spa.

Still havn't found the place or what to do to them.

Now I have no idea what to do with my hair. I dont know if I should lock it, or put in a weave or just carry it . Although I hate to carry my natural hair. I think I will stop by the fancy saloon on saturday afternoon after the nail spa on friday. have someone wash and blow dry it

Or maybe I should just get a wig and plait my hair didi, all back. Infact, that is what I will do.

*makes mental note to buy a wig*

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