Friday, June 30, 2017

So. Cougar alert and other stories

Cougar alert.

Why did I go out with T last night and meet this 24 year old who wants to give me his heart?


I mean like he said to me while holding my hand clasped in both of his, " I like you, I like you a lot and I think I want to give my heart to you, but I want to be logical about it"

Me: Thank you ( I guess)

Me: I am also 32 so yeah

Him: I've always liked older women

Me: No you just like me. not older women.

Him: You are right, I like you.

Now this wont have been a problem at allllllllll except you know how I said he is 24, turns out he went to school ( like shared a room- went to school) with Eros's younger, younger younger brother.

So I mention that oh I happen to know his room mate and he says oh " That's strange, how come he never introduced me to you, I usually meet most of his friends"

" well, I won't say we were exactly friends"

" Were you people having sex"

" Oh God no, but the nature of our relationship doesn't matter now"

"Doesn't matter how?"

"Like it is irrelevant".

"Okay, I'm going to let it rest and we would come back to it".

We would?


So I mean this is getting major awkward because- wth?

And because really I'm the worst person to get tangled with right now, and because who the hell gets involved with someone 8 years younger- Actually the Macrons and WadeUnion begs to differ.

It just seems so interesting.

Also there is another very very very very interesting angle to this shit I can't blog about but trust me.

Someone would end up crying and it won't be me.

"Disclaimer received loud and clear"

My creative said, " I hate and envy how easy it is for you to get boys to like you".

me "It's my winning personality shining through".

Other stories.

I know someone who I used to be in a fitness group with. Won't say we are friends, we are cordial enough as you can be in a fitness group with over 30 women.
Group dissolves.

Last year, I move back home. raw as hell. and I start hearing from people that this "someone" has been asking everyone, why she is seeing me in traffic. since she knows I live in VI.

Not one person

Not two people.

And then those ones came to ask me if I was okay, which I was for the most part.

But it was the most intrusive thing ever because if you want to know so badly, why do you not ask me? why are you going around asking people who aren't me?

But okay no problem.

I told myself I would make sure this shit didn't make me hard, or bitter or spiteful towards anyone, So it didn't matter what I heard, or what XYZ said, I just told myself I won't be a bitch I would be gracious to everyone consistently irrespective of how I felt.

So I ignored this.

Today "Someone" messages me talking about I look so good
me: I KNOW. :)

Her: Please you seem to have the secret to this weight loss thing down. I just saw the photo you posted on IG. Tell me what you did.


So I'm thinking I'm not the only person you must know who has lost weight, people loose weight all the time. And you can come to me for information about this, but you "heard" *I* moved back home and you thought to ask *everyone* else but me who had the information about it.

But I said- I'm trying to remain soft but this whole thing is really pissing me off.

Sunday night I'm out, I run into one of Ero's friends who wants to talk to me.

Me: Okay, I'm listening

Then he goes off on a tangent about how he can not believe I let things get to this point and he is disappointed in me.

Me: You are disappointed in me?


So I just said okay nice chatting with you and entered my car.

I mean I could have read him and told him what he really wanted to hear but to what end?

I love Amebo as much as the next person but I guess this has really taught me to just be sensitive to the fact that the gist is actually someone else's reality and it wont hurt to measure your words before you open your mouth.

Ps: I have left said someone on read. for now. I'm probably going to answer her sha.
Because I'm a softie at heart.

Pss: I did take my 24 year old's number before he started declaring his serious like for me, but but I think it is best if I do not even use it, although I did say I will invite him to my next get away.

And my next get away finna be LITTY.

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