Friday, June 23, 2017



If this 6 month celibacy challenge is going to be the death of me.
Probably not
But knowing how these things work, Its going to be raining dick.
Always excited to try out how much self restraint plus my body really needs me celibate now


non stop to this and thinking should I try 3months instead? LOL JK

You should feel it, meet and greet it
I would be a genius if I didn't think with my penis


-About the madness this weekend is about to be.
A Madness.

- About the boy I met at my boy's house last night who looked at me and said, " You are interesting, but not interesting like I want to figure you out, because I think I might lose my mind, but interesting in like I want to draw from you.

I hear all sorts but you guys I was like 


No for real.
What is in this lagos water? I did not give him my number sha. No power.

-About how the reason I stopped snapchatting is going to be the same reason I stop using Instastories.

I mistakenly, And I say mistakenly- because I keep forgetting that because of my marital status a lot of things I do would be subject to all sorts of interpretation, but for real I'm just badly behaved, it's not personal. So I mistakenly  put up a photo while hanging out with my friend last night at his and he had a T shirt that said " Bad gang" and tagged it " With the boy".

Jamb Question galore.

-About how people who know me didn't even realize I never put up a photo of Eros. Ever
Speaking of Eros

-About how this would be the first time in a little under 10 years that I would not give him anything on his birthday.

Actually I'm a fucking liar, because I did consider sending him a cuban cigar.


C'est la vie.


For my favorite earrings

My mother was right, all those years of taking of jewelery and just dropping them everywhere, kitchen, bed, floor, bathroom sill was going to burn me when I got older.


How I almost died from embarrassment when I was looking for my Pandora.


For my body to heal it's self


-If Yoga on the beach on Sunday morning is doing the most.
-If " Enjoyment Enthusiast" is the wrong answer when people ask me what I do.

And if any of you were wondering, I am still reading Camino Island.

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