Monday, June 19, 2017



NON STOP BY THE WAY. ( as always)

I know you wanna see me
Nakey Nakey Naked.

When I'm with you all I get is Wild thoughts.
I hope you know I'm for the takin'?

Here for Rihanna giving us a summer anthem filled with thirst trap lyrics and Instagram captions for days.

And how did she morph into this sex siren?
I'm short of words, and I'm never short of words.


And It seems prettty good so far.

but this (which I found wayy more interesting)

James Comey writes so well. I would work for the FBI if it means I get to write that well.

For my favorite earrings. 
and because I'm not a child, I'm not messaging anyone to look for them.
When they are ready they would surface.


about my friends pretty perfect proposal (If I do say so myself) yesterday and the subsequent art gallery visit we made.

about my current manicure, got it done at a random saloon in Lagos Island and it works. It more than works. matches what I have on my leg finger ( Toes- if you do not have twitter)

ps: I love love love the Lagos art space, reminds me of all the good things I have planned out for my living space. White walls and spot lights.


-about forming a book club. I mean I always send out e-books
-of quitting alcohol. I have become quite light headed and  I get absolutely filthy when that liquor gets into me.

Plus I'm supposed to be healing and Lagos traffic stresses me too much.


Plans for the long weekend.


Hoping they don't see the moon or they see it on the wrong day and we get three days public holiday again this year.

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