Tuesday, June 13, 2017


One of the most interesting things I learnt about going on vacation to a city where you do not speak the language is how much you are forced to rely on energies/Vibes/Vibrations/Intuition ( whatever you want to call it) to decipher situations, sentiments and relationships.

Which makes me wonder before languages, how did we communicate.

I personally have really high energy levels, I am incredibly private but I love to help out people.
It's weird. You would come hang with me and the vibes would be so perfect. ( No horn tutting)

I am yet to find someone who matches my energy with the same intensity. It's awful I know, I also do not care because it is true. In many relationships I am in, I am consistently giving, this isn't a problem for me because plot twist- The more you give, the more you have. ( life principles  I guess)

Lately I have been struggling to give/do things that normally would not be an issue. Ah well.

Now Since I started leaning in and listening to the energies around me, I'm finding my range getting shorter. (I was supposed to find stillness) but now I do not really care what people say and or do.

I'm leaning more into how I feel around you.

And if the vibe does not edify myself. I'm out.

Because here is what I have learnt to be true: The energy you bring can never lie.
So you may be smiling at me and wanting to stab me guts out and because of what you are saying to me, your intent may be concealed but not any more.

This realization has me listening more.
I think it's something I want to do more off in the second half of the year.
Listen more.
Because I'm also learning that I can not learn when I'm talking.

Ps: I am looking serious for a solid solid solid Yoga situation space in Lagos, preferably in Ikoyi or VI.
And I mean Solid, I have attended a few classes and they fall so short they practically do not exist when compared to the one class I took at Viscaya in Miami.
I bought a freaking Yoga mat.
I might as well start doing self practice.

And I looking to going back to playing the Piano.
I happen to have enough time now, so why not?

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