Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vacation tales

I am updating my travel journey on my travel blog soooooo if you are interested in what I look like
( which must mean you are a really poor stalker if you haven't hacked it by now)- You may want to look into that.

I mean I do not have photos yet but we are getting there.

So Part 1 of cuba is up on The travel blog

So go on, you know you wanna click on it and see how much fun I had in Cuba.

Pss: I really should have done a series on the men I met/spoke to in Havana.

Psss: Cuban men are soooo affectionate. I did not even realize how much I liked affection. LOL.

Like they would hold your hands to cross the tiniest gutter. Well they kept holding my hands and you guys know I do not wash my hands. ( I really should disgusting habit).

Pssss: Please stop sending me hints. I am AWFUL at deciphering this shit. AWFUL. Like half the time if I'm not coming on to you I have no idea you are angling for me.

Like you have a better chance of getting me in your bed if you open your mouth and tell me : "I am trying to get you in my bed", instead of a thousand and one baseless conversations that center around nothing.

I know. I know. But life is too short for empty chatter.

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