Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I know I know
They are easy to put together.


Non stop to this song

Non freaking stop

Before we hit the road 
lets put our phones on silent
Nobody's tryna bring sand to the beach

Say what you will about Diplo and cultural appropriation and misappropriation but he is putting Naija music ( I know not African NAIJA) on the freaking world map.


A strong worded statement to defend Diplo's sexual prowess. 
I dunno who died and made Katy Perry Sasha Grey.


Third installment in the crazy rich Asians series 
and this book is ACE.
Killed it. I love reading about all the luxury I didn't even know


-My Pandora bracelet ( Yes I found it and it was not on anyone's bedstand- Thank you very much)
-So much pride at the fact that GSW won.
#DubsNation #ChefCurry #SweepGang
- Red nail polish and I know it is the wrong choice.


-about everything, which is really weird because what is exciting me?
-My body is making me so pleased. I have no idea why but I quite like what I look like when I wake up and I see myself naked.
- Also my mum's birthday is coming up. Prettttty Excited about that too
So pleased.


For cheap tickets for my Christmas vacation.
I know- Yen yen yen
I still need a vacation.

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