Monday, June 19, 2017

List 22: List all the favorite places you have been

At the top of this list is actually Beirut Lebanon.

Lebanon was perfect for all the reasons a vacation should be.

Sex ( I went with Eros), Food (Lebanese hospitality), Love ( I was there for was a wedding), Ocean swimming (even though I can't swim), Roof top parties( with the best live band) and watching the sun rise and set on the deck of a boat half naked.

I left a HUGE chunk of my heart in Lebanon and I'm hopeful I can go back (sometime this year) to get it or leave some more.

Art galleries and artist studios are another favorite of mine.
I like how clean and spare the spaces are. In a common case of juxtaposition I love how messy artist studios are. The spaces reek (metaphorically)  of grit, broken dreams and work but literally of paint and acetone and sometimes weed.

I like to think it reminds me of my life and what I portray.
Messy room, messy mind but well thought properly fitted out fits and coherent critical commentary.

Yes that is why art galleries & Artist Studios are my favorite places.

I haven't been, but I know that Riad's in Morrocco would easily feature on this list.


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