Thursday, November 27, 2014

Last night was mad real

I mean for all the shitting I do on Abuja it is pretty decent when it decides to be.

A bit pricey but I mean it is not Lagos!

So last night after work I decided not to work but to leave my hotel room alone and flourish as an aspiring abuja baby girl.

So I decided my friends and I would see a movie.

When I got to the house ( they were at) we decided to go bowling.

And that was where the fun began!

We were the only ones there; AND OMG so much fun had not been had in AGES.

Fastforward to post bowling; we went to XO; some club in a building called cubana to do some karaoke.

I have found my go to song for karaoke.

Turn ya lights down low.

And I slayed the rap- if I do say so myself!


Anyways So I got home to my hotel room- excited and flushed about all the singing and dancing we did; when I checked my email and OMG my security deposit people ruled in my favor.


my Agents were trying to charge me 273 GBP for a mattress replacement because when I moved out of the flat there was "small blood stain" on the mattress.

I do not know if this is true but I knew that 273 was too damn high to replace a double bed mattress.

So I spoke to my flat mate who totally threw me under the bus and is probably now regretting this!


She said and I quote since it was my mattress; I should bear the cost of the replacement while she bears the cost of cleaning.

Cleaning came to 173. and mattress was 273.

So I told her I would fight the charges and she declined to join me in my struggle.

Which was fine by me.

Fastforward to me struggling to gain evidence; and then compile and collate and then submit my evidence alone while struggling with work- This girl REFUSED, like vehemently and this really strained our relationship.

Because she said she wanted her money and could not wait.

Anyway the deposit people came back to us yesterday.

Guess who they ruled in favour of-

 I then checked my black berry messenger to gloat talk to my flatmate about it and guess what

she had deleted me!

Ha ha ha.

So I did the mature thing and sent her an email!

Saying congratulations on her graduation and I am excited they ruled in my favor and she needs to remember that if they pay the money into her account it needs to be refunded to me ASAP.

because I am fucking petty like that.

She has not responded but I will give her five days after which a follow up email with my account details ( which she already has) would be sent.

As I said- I am fucking petty.


everyone kept saying how I should free but as a warri girl- I could not carry last on the matter.

Dear Nigerians living abroad and paying security deposits- contest if you feel the charges are high- Oyibo people might be racists but they are reasonable and non biased.

The reasons that these people gave for ruling in my favor was so basic and I'm like if you people think like this- I WOULD HAVE CONTESTED THE WHOLE DAMN AMOUNT!

ha ha ha.

They said- a small blood stain amounts to wear and tear.

and if the mattress was in a good condition asides the stain then we have contributed a certain amount and the deposit is not insurance that grants new for old in the situation where damages occur.

I am particularly pleased because my agency and the agents were generally ass holes about my flat and the living arrangements.

And charged Nigerian girls ( who are basically the human versions of steam mops and vacum machines) 173 gbp for cleaning a flat proffessionally.

Also major side eye to my flat mate- my old flat; when I moved out; they paid me every single pound back!


You go fear bleach.

Anyways as the bible says- God resists the proud,

But is it the same bible that says cleanliness is next to Godliness - I dunno, I wont check but I am super pleased

Look; Naira has gone up and Im going to use my new cash windfall to do black friday shopping.

Kindly disagree in your back yard. Thanks!

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Tobiloba said...

Haha! Would have done the same. Thumbs up to pettiness!!

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