You follow all the rules, you miss all the fun

And other cool stories.

I moved houses last week.

You would not believe how stressful it is to furnish a room you would not really be sleeping in.

I would appreciate recommendations for where I can find;


Which includes but is not limited to

A waste basket; soap dish; shower curtain; bath mat; tooth brush holder; tumbler; toilet brush holder;lotion dispenser and etc.

Themed bathrooms for the flipping win!

Asides this I am still receiving presents! You people on here and off here are too much!

Especially since my core friends do not think I deserve presents.

Leke _ side eye.

In the last year and the near future I am big on breaking rules to have as much fun as I deem necessary to survive.

The funny thing is how people think I am unserious with work.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. I take my job so seriously. you have no idea.

I work weekends; week days; till 2 am sometimes.

And I hate it- sometimes because you know- I need to flourish as a baby girl.

ButButBut in the grand scheme of things; I LOVE my job. and what I do.

I figure if I did not like it; I still would not be doing it.

It is challenging and I have a large amount of discipline  instilled in my person.

That being said I am off to Abuja for work.

I have accepted that I will shuttle between these two cities for a long time and now I have to start fasting and praying for Journey mercies.

because Nigerian airlines aint shit.

The only problem with my self is how the discipline from work is yet to translate to my personal life.

I bought someone a fragrance as a present and started using it because I am crazy like that.

I could do without it; but I did it anyway because I am crazy and I like new things and my ideal job would be to shop for a living.

But it isnt and the world is not ideal.

I have been happy lately- maybe from my presents and all the goodness the universe has been showing to me, but l am happy.

I also neeed new hangers for my new wardrobe ( physical not clothes) and a rug because the floor is so coold in the morning.

I miss my friends and how much we used to hang out when I lived in ikoyi,  between work and moving; it feels like there is a chasm and I am so damn busy that I need to be pinned down literally to be seen.

So damn stressful if you ask me.

You know what I just realised I liked?

back of neck kisses.

And I did not know this because I never used to put my hair up except when I worked out at the gym.

And I'm really tall and I never used to fux with tall niggs.

Anyways. I like kisses on the back of my neck.

This is not a PSA,  It is my increased self awareness showing itself.

* insert eyelashes here*

I need a personal trainer.

One that would come to my house and make me work out. till I become model skinny or death.

whichever comes first.

I need to do my nails; they are disgusting and I should have done them yesterday.

And I got nail polish for my birthday this year so I am pretty excited to try out the colors.

Also I need to take my locks out but If I am going out of town; I do not want to touch my hair because I love to wake up and go. aka braids and the locs.

The weave is for the lavishness of Lagos.

Abuja does not deserve me in a weave.

Only because I can sleep in till 7;15am and still get to work at 7;45 including showering.

and this is because my hair is out of it.

I am currently at this training and I am so damn bored I'm here rambling.

Children of God live a little.

Break the rules you have no idea why they exist and how they apply to you as a person.

I know I sound like a broken record saying this repeatedly because it changed my life so much and the odds are it would change your's too.

Final word of advice  " It is the items that we did not buy that haunt us"

if you like it, and can afford it buy it.

Then sell it on Olx if it doesn't make you happy anymore!

Ha ha. Hope you have a good week.


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